Links Entry: Following the Dale Askey case

I have taken an interest in the lawsuit against Dale Askey. Mr Askey is an academic librarian. In his blog, he discussed predatory publishers that take advantage of the open-access publishing framework, which taints the framework for quality open-access publishers. Mr Askey named one of the publishers from a list of predatory publishers. This publisher is now suing Mr Askey for over $4 million dollars. This lawsuit threatens to inhibit academic freedom and the historic function of librarians providing quality and non-biased evaluation of resources.

Following the Dale Askey Lawsuit

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4 Responses to Links Entry: Following the Dale Askey case

  1. jenniborg22 says:

    Wow! I have not heard about this. Thank you for providing links to the story and comments surrounding it. I think this was a great use of the links. I can see something similar in a classroom. I think students would enjoy a “scavenger hunt” type reading a research like this. Nice work!

  2. bethtransue says:

    Thanks jenni, this has been an interesting, if disturbing, case to follow. It has chilling implications for anyone blogging in their professional capacity so I hope it comes out in favor of intellectual freedom!

  3. Beth, I like this type of linking as well. I can see this being used to help students review specific types of information for research, especially in younger grades.

    As far as the topic goes, this is a VERY disturbing case! It is troubling that professionals are unable to voice opinions without the possibility of lawsuits hanging over their heads, I am concerned that McMaster’s hasn’t been more overtly supportive of Mr. Askey. I am sure you are following this especially closely and I hope that intellectual freedom will prevail here.

  4. bethtransue says:

    I will continue to follow this case and will post developments as they occur. Follow my blog if you want to be notified of new information!

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