Embedded Audio: Counting to Ten in Chinese

A recent post on my personal blog about upcoming travel to Korea and China in June 2014 discussed a recent story in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Rosetta Stone claimed that their technological language learning program could replace the first two years of language learning in academic settings. I discussed why I disagreed with this claim.

That said, I certainly believe that technology can supplement important classroom time when learning a new language. One way that technology can help is by allowing a student to record what she is learning to then submit it for review and feedback. The student could also record and post online for feedback by or contacts with native speakers.

Here is a link to a file of me counting from 1 to 10 in Mandarin Chinese. Unfortunately I cannot “embed” an audio file such as an mp3 in WordPress blogs unless I purchase an upgrade to a professional plan. Therefore I am linking to the audio file instead. Here is the policy statement from WordPress: “Note that, if you wish to upload audio files from your own computer, you will need to purchase the Space Upgrade.”


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2 Responses to Embedded Audio: Counting to Ten in Chinese

  1. Jason says:

    Very nice and clever audio component for this weeks assignment. Good stuff!

  2. jaimepiatt says:

    How exciting! You’re trip that is. I love to travel. China and Korea would be very interesting. Both countries would be fun to learn about educationally. Nice speaking as well.
    Jaime Piatt

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