Poll: How Do You Use Your Library?

How do you use your local library?

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5 Responses to Poll: How Do You Use Your Library?

  1. jenniborg22 says:

    Beth, I found myself wanting to answer more than one above. 🙂 The library has always been a quiet place to study while I look for research with library resources. Do you see one of the above on the poll more than others?

  2. darlagrant says:

    I agree with Jenni! I need a quiet place to get print books where I have free internet access 🙂
    Thanks for the poll.

  3. caseycapece says:

    Beth, I need to start going to the library more! Maybe that time will come again once this little one is born (due date in 6 days!). One of my fondest memories of my early childhood is my mom taking us to the local public library and letting me pick out a few books for the week. In college, I mainly used the library for studying, as it was a quiet place for me to go.

  4. bethtransue says:

    Interesting similarity in your answers! My challenge as a librarian is to continue to provide a quiet space for study while also providing a needed space for collaborate (noisy) group work that is also assigned! Architecture makes that tricky sometimes!

  5. zunkertyler says:

    Great poll! I used to use the library to get print books, but now I find that most of the time I’m there to research or get help with research. Someday I’ll have more time to read those print books in the 3 weeks I can get them for!

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