Following Blogs for an Institution

As a librarian, I am interested in reading many kinds of blogs. I currently monitor about 100 blogs through my Feedly reader. One category of blog that I continually add to and monitor are professional blogs from faculty, staff and students at the college where I work. Reading through faculty blogs provides a quick look at what they are thinking about and finding important to their work. I can then make sure that library services are relevant for their specific interests. I consistently comment on their blogs when there is a relevant area of connection to library services. This demonstrates my interest in their professional field, as well as discusses ways that the library can better serve their needs.

Another service I could potentially offer is to collect and curate a list of faculty, staff and students’ professional blogs so that they are more discoverable by others on campus.

Current blogs I monitor written by faculty and staff at my institution:


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9 Responses to Following Blogs for an Institution

  1. Looked through several of these blogs and they are great! I love that so many of the staff blog and interact using this tool. I hope to see more of my coworks begin to see the value in blogging.

  2. Mike Lipson says:

    Great list. Keeping track of blogs is a really good way to stay on top of what your community is thinking. Twitter might also be a good place to go for this if the people you’re interested in have Twitter accounts. People tend to post their more immediate thoughts there, and they can sometimes be easier to sort through and aggregate.

    • bethtransue says:

      My community tends to be on Facebook rather than twitter. There are a few faculty I’ve found on twitter though, as well as some students. Not sure why there aren’t more on twitter on our campus.

  3. Beth,what a great way to use blog readers! I am sure your staff and students appreciate your diligence.

  4. jenniborg22 says:

    Great list! I’m excited you posted this. I can see myself using this list a lot. Do you often make up the lists similar to this for your school? That’s amazing!

    • bethtransue says:

      At this point, these are just blogs that I follow that happen to be written by colleagues or students/alumni. I might look into collecting a more complete list and publishing it for our community. But I certainly don’t have the time in the fall to do this!

  5. caseycapece says:

    Hi Beth,
    What college do you work at? Do you have an athletic or physical ed. department that blogs?

  6. bethtransue says:

    I’m not aware of any blogs. I’m not the liaison librarian for our health and human performance department however, so I don’t know for certain.

  7. darlagrant says:

    I am really surprised by the number of professors and admin who blog. I think it’s a great practice, but it shows that the leadership has some faith in the process of blogging. There are some really good finds in your list. Thanks for sharing!

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