How Information Literacy Could Have Saved this Korean War Memorial

I sometimes feel as if I need to defend the importance of information literacy; many people do not seem to understand how important it is in one’s professional and personal daily life.

I think that this news story about the serious errors made in a Korean War Memorial mural clearly illustrate how important it is to understand one’s need for information, and then be able to get the best information efficiently and effectively. In this mural, the creators made a series of blunders and the memorial meant to honor Korean War veterans became an embarrassment. It is too bad that the creators didn’t first realize their own ignorance of military history, and then do quality research, or ask a librarian for assistance. This could have been so easily avoided.

For example, the mural does not accurately depict military uniforms worn in the Korean War. Instead the soldiers are wearing modern uniforms and using modern equipment. The creators should have searched a library catalog and consulted the book “The American soldier : U.S. armies in uniform, 1755 to the present“. According to Worldcat, over 250 libraries own this book!

I hope this serves as a clear warning to everyone that information literacy is not just something you have to sit through in a college class or use to write research papers. Rather, it is a set of skills that you should be able to use for nearly everything in life!

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