Farewell to an Important Resource

I continue to be amazed at the shortsightedness of funding for evidence-based medicine. Health-care providers, government agencies, and even the general public agree that evidence-based medicine is important to improve health care. Yet funding to enable providers to provide this type of care continues to dissapate.

For the past several years, hospitals and medical systems across the country have made deep cuts to medical libraries, at times even closing them down, in the mistaken belief that all medical information is on the internet and easily accessible. Even when medical information is available through free online sources, it often requires the skills of a medical librarian to navigate and find the best evidence to provide to health care providers to improve patient outcomes.

The latest funding cut hits at the heart of evidence-based care. The government has eliminated funding for the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, which will cease to exist this coming July 16.


The NCG has been the premier location for finding national and international guidelines issued by professional organizations. When looking for best practices, it often helps to search guidelines from expert organizations.

While some guidelines will be available through PubMed searches with the Guidelines Article Types filter, this will not capture the broad content of guidelines as well as the Clearinghouse.

Another blow to evidence-based practice.

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