Selecting citation software

A libguide that I developed last year was about selecting citation management software. There are many factors to consider, and faculty and students can benefits from a concise review of those factors when deciding on software that meets their needs.

Factors that I reviewed:

  • Accuracy
  • ADA compliance
  • Availability after graduation
  • Citation styles supported
  • Collaboration tools
  • Commercial vendor/Open Source
  • Customer support available
  • Datasets
  • Extraction tools
  • Full-text PDF capture
  • Installation
  • Library databases that work well with software
  • Notes
  • Organization
  • PDF annotation
  • Platform
  • Price
  • Procedure to add citations
  • Search features
  • Storage limits
  • Word processing integration

So far, I’ve been able to present about citation management software, demonstrating this libguide, to several classes and faculty groups. Students, even techno-phile students, are often unaware of this type of software, or simply haven’t taken the time to explore, setup and use this software, even when it benefits their academic research projects.

In the past year, this libguide was accessed approximately 300 times, hopefully to good use!

So….. how do you encourage education about and use of citation management software?


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