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Having a little fun evaluating research methodology

I laughed while reading this NPR story about an article from the Christmas edition in BMJ. It highlighted research about the efficacy of parachutes. This randomized controlled trial concluded that parachutes are no more effective than empty backpacks for safety … Continue reading

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Selecting citation software

A libguide that I developed last year was about selecting citation management software. There are many factors to consider, and faculty and students can benefits from a concise review of those factors when deciding on software that meets their needs. … Continue reading

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The academic library is “Open”-ing Up

Our library, like many academic libraries, has traditionally been resistant to assisting students with obtaining required course texts. Students obtain those through the college store, Amazon, or other bookstores. Logistics often prevent the academic library from venturing into this arena, … Continue reading

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Farewell to an Important Resource

I continue to be amazed at the shortsightedness of funding for evidence-based medicine. Health-care providers, government agencies, and even the general public agree that evidence-based medicine is important to improve health care. Yet funding to enable providers to provide this … Continue reading

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I don’t read because I have too much to read

This article from MedPageToday demonstrates the difficulty that healthcare professionals face in keeping up with medical research during the information explosion. In a time when increasing numbers of people understand the critical nature of evidence-based practice, health care providers themselves … Continue reading

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Supporting School Librarians – not just a luxury

I’m back! At least I hope so! I came across this recent article explaining how librarians in many types of libraries can and should support school libraries and even more importantly school librarians. Unfortunately many school libraries are disappearing or … Continue reading

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Information Literacy in Politics

I’ve been thinking alot these days about people’s use, or non-use, of information literacy skills in the real world. Information literacy is simply the idea of being able to realize you need information, and then the ability to search for, … Continue reading

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