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Published Article: Connectivism and Information Literacy

I am pleased to announce that an article I wrote, “Connectivism and Information Literacy: Moving from Learning Theory to Pedagogical Practice” was published in the journal, Public Services Quarterly. This journal article is based on reflection and a research paper … Continue reading

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Embedded Video: Using Commercials to Demonstrate Boolean Search Logic

When designing library research skills instruction, I attempt to incorporate popular culture into the sessions to increase student motivation and learning. I use various memes, presentation software, and videos. After seeing a commercial on TV that utilized Boolean operator words … Continue reading

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Responding to the Digital Native

This blog post is in response to a prompt provided on my professor’s blog. While theories abound about the differences of digital natives, the readings provided at the beginning of this term (Prensky, 2001; McKenzie, 2007; and Reeves, 2008) together … Continue reading

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Moving from Information Literacy to Digital Literacy

I have been doing some thinking lately about the librarian’s role in digital literacy on campus. We have information literacy pretty well covered. Overall my faculty frequently contact me to provide instruction on research skills in various classes. But I … Continue reading

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Digital Natives Still Need to be Taught to Search Online

A recent article in Wired magazine, Clive Thompson on Why Kids Can’t Search, highlights a growing problem that librarians are on the forefront of seeing. Students from elementary school to college do not have adequate searching and information literacy skills. … Continue reading

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